Measuring instruments and equipment. Sales of measuring instruments.

Measuring instruments and equipment in Ukraine.

Company Ltd. "TUG" offers Radiometers instruments of domestic and imported:

  • oscilloscopes
  • generators
  • voltmeters
  • multimeters
  • cymometer
  • spectrum analyzers
  • power Supplies
  • megaohmmeter
  • measuring frequency response and KSVN power immitansa, the difference between the phases
  • other Appliances, Radio Equipment
  • Measuring instruments and equipment are supplied with both new and conservation.

    Sales of measuring instruments and equipment.

    Sales of measuring instruments and equipment is carried out throughout Ukraine and abroad.

    Additionally, the following services:

  • warranty repair service and after-care;
  • Customer deliveries of any kind of transport.
  • In our work we use the best intelligence and computer resources, our staff - experienced skilled professionals that provides a quality personal customer service, which includes:

  • Individual schemes of service;
  • Accompanying the client manager the Company;
  • Delivery of your order within a specified time frame;
  • soft forms of payment, and flexible system of discounts.
  • Our Clients - Ukrainian and foreign producers and traders, as well as private individuals. Every client - is our strategic partner.

    We hope that our services and prices would be of interest to you.